Investment Management

iStock_000009352033Large.jpg_smallThree factors determine portfolio performance:

  • Your long-term asset allocation – between stocks and bonds.
  • The investment selected to represent various stock and bond types.
  • Your total cost incurred to manage the portfolio, including fund expenses, advisor expenses and taxes.

When you have the right asset mix, hold the right funds to represent those asset classes and keep investment cost low, you have a much higher probability of reaching your financial goal.

Steven Young helps you with all these steps. We assist with a stock and bond allocation, research and select the best investments to fill your allocation, implement the plan, maintain the portfolio through re balancing and cash management, while doing it all very cost effectively. All work is done within the structure of an customized Investment Policy Statement.

Investment Philosophy

Wall Street would like you to beleive that paying high fees for investment products and advice will lead to superior portfolio returns. This is simply not true. Academic studies on performance clearly show that the more you pay brokers, advisors and fund companies, the lower your long-term results.

In addition, academics overwhelmingly agree that a better way to invest is though a diversified portfolio of low cost index funds that match the performance of the global financial markets. Virtually every unbiased study on the subject comes to the same conclusion – buy and re balance a basket of low cost index funds. The evidence is irrefutable.

When investors realize these facts, the truth about Wall Street becomes clear, and a path to better investing becomes apparent.